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Screenshot at your own risk! Instagram to notify users if you do the same


Social networking has changed almost everything – from the way we interact with friends and associates, to the way we share our happiness and emotions. Let’s face it – while social networks, like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, and Google+, play a significant role in our lives, they are also a high risk for security threats.

With hundreds of millions of users online, these tools not only attract friends and family wanting to stay in touch, but they also attract people wanting to know about you for the wrong reasons. Be aware of the top five security threats currently out there to help you stay safe online.

People who love taking screenshots of photos and stories on Instagram, this one’s for you. Things are going to get a tad bit difficult for you now!

Here’s to Instagram rolling out an absolutely striking new feature that alerts people when/if someone takes a screenshot of screen recording, for that matter, of their Story posts.

A star-shaped icon is supposed to appear right next to the person’s handle who has taken a screenshot or screen recording of a person’s story/stories. The icon will definitely appear in the Story Views section of one’s profile.




“Next time you take a screenshot or screen recording, the person who posted the story will be able to see it,” reads the warning titled ‘Screenshots in stories’. 

The first time a user attempts to record or take a screenshot of a friend’s story post, they will be spared the star icon though. This is only one of many updates Instagram has made to Stories as of late. And, it’s one that has long been desired, as shown by how often people take screenshots on Instagram to add to their Stories.

A month back, the NextWeb had reported that Instagram is keenly working on this brand new, striking feature and will roll it out sooner than the soonest!

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