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After the Blue Whale, here is the Momo Challenge which risks your life

It was only last year when the “Blue Whale Challenge” came into existence and it sparked fear among all parents across the world. It is an online game which was blamed for the death of several children and now another similar game has popped out of nowhere.

The new game is known as the “Momo Challenge” and the game is being linked to the death of a 12-year-old girl in Argentina.

 According to Metro News, Momo is a social media account on platforms such as WhatsApp, Facebook, and YouTube. It uses artwork that shows a woman with scary features. Much like the ‘Blue Whale’, the Momo Challenge also pushes participants to follow certain “orders” after they are asked to communicate with an unknown number. If players refuse to abide, they are threatened with violent images.

Image Source: Twitter

Rodrigo Nejm of Brazil’s NGO Safernet told BBC News that the game is most probably a way for criminals to steal data from people and then extort them.

YouTuber ReignBot told The Sun that Momo is connected to at least three phone numbers in Japan, Colombia, and Mexico. He added that someone contacting these numbers is likely “to be met with insults, implications that this person knows your personal information and most notably disturbing images I would not be able to show you here”.

Image Source: Twitter

Here’s how the online game has sparked fear among the social media users:

Stay away from such foolish act. Keep yourself safe.

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