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Snapchat to soon allow users to share “stories” outside the application


We are extremely inclined towards multimedia chatting applications and one of our favourites amongst them is Snapchat. Snapchat is a image messaging application which allows you to chat via images and of course, normal chat too. To make things more spicy for it’s fanbase, Snapchat, on Wednesday announced that it will now allow the masses to share some public “stories” via links.

Going by the words of the company, they want to reach out to people who still do not use or know about the application and let them know about it’s benefits. However the types of stories one can share will expand over time. Snapchat has not been in favour of imposing advertisements on it’s fan base as the ads which are visible now can be easily dismissed with a tap. But now the application is planning to force their users to see the ads for at least 3 seconds before dismissing them.

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An advertiser from a brand who works with Snapchat quoted “Advertisers are not spending as much as they have previously with Snapchat. They have to do something that draws more interest from advertisers, and they are getting more aggressive to address the market’s needs”.

Going by the report 2 seconds is the minimum time needed for a video ad to be considered “viewable” according to the Media Rating Council and if Snapchat can force more three-second views it would go a long way to addressing viewability concerns. But it is not yet final whether Snapchat will adopt this three second ad limit.

Scientists who have done a research on why people love the platform so much has said that Snapchat allows its users to connect with their close mates without the pressure of presenting themselves in extraordinary form. The scientists also say that Snapchat is the best messaging platform as it allows short and quick posts as people nowadays have a short attention span.


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