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Sculptor Emmanuel Santos shuts down his critics with his second shot at Cristiano Ronaldo’s bust

Cristiano Ronaldo bust
Cristiano Ronaldo bust. Image Source: Getty Images

The sculptor of the infamous Cristiano Ronaldo bust, 41-year-old Emmanuel Santos was widely criticised for being inaccurate with his art. His sculpture was mocked mercilessly on all social platforms for being far from what Cristiano Ronaldo actually looks like.

After being widely mocked on social media for his first bust last year, Emmanuel Santos has taken a second shot at the sculpture, which will replace the original one at the Madeira airport in Portugal, named after the superstar footballer.

The new sculpture was sanctioned by the American sports website Bleacher Report. And most social media users stated that it did bear resemblance to the 33-year-old Portuguese forward. While some stated that it was still some way off the mark.

Explaining his rationale behind the first installation, Santos said,

“The first Ronaldo bust, if I hadn’t done it the way I did, it would’ve already been forgotten. So, sometimes it’s necessary to have a certain bravery to go against the usual and have an impact. Because even though there are people who mock and make negative comments, there are still many people who value it.”

Speaking to The Bleacher Report, Santos added,

“It was too sudden, [It’s] hard to talk about…But fortunately, that is over.”

Speaking to The Guardian he said,

“It is impossible to please the Greeks and Trojans. Neither did Jesus please everyone.”

“This is a matter of taste, so it is not as simple as it seems. What matters is the impact that this work generated. There is always the possibility of making a difference, I was prepared for all this. I used as a base some photos of Cristiano Ronaldo that I found on the internet, nothing specific. I put the photos next to me and started working on the bust.”

He also told the website that he wanted to alter Ronaldo’s smile, given the criticism he had received the first time over the superstar’s facial expression.

“The other one was more open, so the cheek was slightly more upwards,” he explained. “This one is more closed, so it’s natural that the cheek will be more downwards. I’ve talked with sculptors and they say that a bust made in a natural state – with a mouth not so open and a bit more serious – falls better in the eyes of the public.”

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