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MS Dhoni reveals why he avoids the limelight during team celebrations, respect earned

Former Indian skipper Mahendra Singh Dhoni can be safely termed as a synonym for success. Being the only skipper in international cricket history to win all the three ICC trophies, MS Dhoni’s achievements as a leader will forever be unmatched. Apart from his exceptional abilities as a skipper, he has also been one of the greatest finishers to have played the game.

However, MS Dhoni has always turned out to be a humble man on the cricket field. You will never see him burst out in joy after a win or pull off some extreme celebratory move. The ‘captain cool’ of Indian cricket will always pluck out the stump with a smile on his face and make his walk towards the dressing room.

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Another popular mannerism of the Indian number 7, which is well known, is that he never stands in the front row in a team photo. In fact, Dhoni can hardly be seen as he normally stands behind all the players giving a tough time to people trying to spot him. Talking to DNA, on his 37th birthday, Dhoni revealed why he does so.

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“Well, don’t you think, it is unfair that you play a team sport where the captain goes and receives the trophy? It’s like an over exposure. Let’s say that you already have an over exposure of like 15 seconds and after that I don’t really think that you are needed to be there. Of course, we all like the celebration and you want to be part of it. But it’s not like that you have to be with the trophy.”

Dhoni added that he doesn’t want the overexposure in a team sport where 15 seconds of overexposure has already happened for the skipper while receiving the trophy. He said that not clinging onto the trophy gives the captain another chance and more hunger to win the next one!

“That’s why, in a team environment, we try to make it as simple as possible. And as I said, 15 seconds of over exposure has already happened, so no point clinging onto the trophy. Also, maybe if you don’t spend enough time with the trophy, you get a chance or you want to win another one so that you get another of those 15 seconds.”

This is the stature of the man. Once again, you have our respect, MS!

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