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GOAT Roger Federer stuns the world with the ‘Short Of The Tournament’

Roger Federer is undoubtedly the greatest to have ever played the game of tennis. His extraordinary title wins and a vast array of shots makes him stand out in the crowd like no other. Though his age is not on his side, the Swiss has proved time and again that there’s no one like him when it comes to playing unbelievable shots.

Now, in the US Open, he outdid himself with one incredible shot. Kyrgios placed a drop shot at almost an impossible angle for Roger who was close to his baseline. However, is anything really impossible when we are talking about the GOAT? Federer ran across the court to place the ball by the side of the net in the most astonishing shot you’ll ever see.

Image Source: Twitter

The ‘shot of the tournament’ left even Nick claiming that it was “almost unreal” and it surely was.

Image Source: Twitter

Here’s a look at the shot:

As expected, Twitter couldn’t stop praising the genius after that shot and here are some of the tweets:

This man isn’t human!

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