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Students find camera lost two years ago at sea, owner shocked to see it working!

Living in a lazy world, we humans do not value an object until it is lost. And even when it is lost, we make a half-hearted effort to find it or just let go. However, only a few lucky ones manage to get hold of their lost belongings with the stars shining on them. Yes, we have a similar example here.

Miraculously, a camera which was lost for two years under the sea was found in perfect working condition three days ago. Kudos to a few enterprising students and obviously, the internet, the camera will be returned to the owner pretty soon.

Image Source: Facebook, Park Lee

This incident took place at a beach in Taiwan. The camera was found covered in barnacles and shells. It was barely recognizable but thanks to its waterproof case, it’s still working!

The camera was found by a group of schoolchildren and their teacher, Park Lee, who decided to trace it back to its owner.

Image Source: Facebook, Park Lee

With the help of a Facebook post that instantly went viral with almost 13,000 shares, they managed to do that in just one day. When a student turned it on, it was still charged and working fine.

The owner of the camera, Serina Tsubakihara is now planning to travel to Taiwan in June to get her camera and meet the people who found it. Speaking about the same she said,

“I can’t still believe this is happening. In 2015, I went to scuba diving trip to Ishigaki island in Okinawa with my friends. When we were enjoying fun dive, I accidentally lost my camera under water and never found it. However, after almost 3 years, it was found in Taiwan by elementary students at beach clean event!!”

Miracles still happen, don’t they?

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