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The dark side of life

Photo by: Harjinder Gill, What's The Hype
Photo by: Harjinder Gill, What’s The Hype

My name is Khush ; and just like my name, I used to be a really happy person. But nowadays, I am not happy anymore.

Every night, I had beautiful dreams about playing with my friends in our school field. I was in the second grade last year. I used to play cricket in our school field after class with my best and only friends – Raman and Rohit.

I am the first son of my parents and I have two more sisters, younger than me. My parents wanted me to study because my father always said “Beta, only education is the solution to poverty”.

I used to play cricket all the time. However, these days, I can’t even imagine doing that. Whenever, I get a break from my work, I think about going out to play. But, I am always too tired for that and I end up weeping all day long, alone. I don’t have any friends anymore.

I work hard every day for my old parents and young sisters. Since the last few months, I have witnessed what poverty very closely. I have seen my family crying for food and yet, could not provide anything for them to eat for days.

This year, we had a big flood that not only swept away our cattle, land, house and crops but also, our dreams and happiness. My father used to be a farmer and now we are all beggars.

Ever since the flood, I have been working in this wretched brick field from day to night. But this job is not as easy as it seems. I have small hands and a timid body. It is very difficult for me to carry about 800 bricks on my head continuously from the brick field to the truck which is almost a 9 km walk from here.

Now, I have no dreams. My dreams are hollow with empty, sickening holes within. I don’t even remember how to play cricket anymore. I don’t go to school. I have no friends. I go to sleep, scared to wake up the next day and carry 800 bricks on my head from day to night all over again.

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