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Romantic movies are the reason why most of the relationships don’t work out these days

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Movies are the best source of entertainment and you cannot deny the fact that they actually influence you in real life. No matter what the movie is on, whether suspense or romantic, there will be some element in the movie which will hit you like a train and that particular thunder in your body will give you goosebumps due to a sudden realization and with time, you will start thinking about that one particular thing in the movie which has influenced you and it will definitely help you in having a totally different perspective on life.

Ever thought about this that movies of the ‘romance’ genre or, in simple words ‘romantic’ movies actually have a great influence on many of our love lives? Yes, they do. It’s like a universal fact that many people, mostly the ones who are in the age group of 16-25, prefer romantic movies as they give us a picture of what ‘perfect’ love or relationship looks like.

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Like beautiful sceneries or portraits, a perfect relationship looks also looks very appealing to us and mostly, Hollywood has reached that benchmark of what they label as a ‘perfect’ relationship. Movies like Love Actually, The Holiday, The Notebook, One Day and many more films show love as a never-ending feeling and as if you are born with it or something.

We are not being pessimistic about this wonderful feeling, but it’s just in some way or other romantic movies are subtly the reason why many relationship break or two dreamy and loving partners simply drift away. In some events, you just don’t know why did the couple even break up and accept the fact that this sudden drifting apart actually eats you up. Let’s cut straight to the point.

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These romantic films set such a benchmark of ‘perfection’ in relationships or love that couples, in real life, tend to forget that there is nothing called a ‘perfect’ relationship. It’s a notion or an idea in mind, like imagination. Romantic films do portray fights and arguments between couples but that’s not how arguments are like in real life, between couples. You cannot simply end up in a candle-light dinner in the very next scene after having a major argument.

Romantic films have actually set up a wrong idea about relationships for us and you cannot deny the fact. Every relationship has its own ups and downs and it’s better if you just accept your mistakes and try to bring about a change, rather than thinking “But this is not how it happens in movies!”. Yes, it’s true that life is a movie or movie is life, but no, in some cases you cannot follow that perspective. So, it’s alright for you to feel bad or down in your relationship sometimes but if your partner really loves you then he/she will definitely work things out and be by your stay through thick and thin.

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