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The Sidewalk – Shreya Hazra

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You see this sidewalk here? At the heart of the city, in broad daylight, it’s filled with rushing footsteps and hustle bustle of people. As night falls, silence and darkness take over. Apart from the hustle of the city, this sidewalk has seen many stories. It tells a tale, the horrendous tale of how a girl was ripped off her life, how she was treated like an animal and humanity was put to shame. And my dear folks, that unfortunate soul was none other than me.

The cold stones can’t speak, so I am here to take you through what I went, what it is like to feel your life leave your body.

So now you must be thinking I was definitely wearing short or revealing clothes or coming back home late at night, drunk. Unfortunately, none of them happened. I was returning home from a really good day at work. I was appreciated by the head for my presentation and promised a promotion. I decided to celebrate this victory with the one who was the sole reason for my success, myself.

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I took a cab back home and decided to stop a few blocks before at the convention store to buy some groceries and from there walk down to my place which is just a minute walk away. As I stepped out of the store and walked down the sidewalk, never had i thought that 2 minutes walk would change my life forever. I had walked a few steps when something hit at the back of my head. I fell down and my attacker thought to be unconscious, but I wasn’t. I felt dizzy, the next few minutes happened in a flash and I was unable to understand whether it was real or a bad dream.

My clothes were ripped off, my body was being touched in a way no girl ever wants to be touched. The touch was of a human but had an animal like harshness.

He played with my body like a child plays with his new toy, but more like that child who breaks every toy given to him. I wanted to scream, I wanted to thrash him out and run away. But I couldn’t. I felt like my senses had turned numb, I couldn’t feel myself, every muscle of my body seemed dead, everything seemed blank.

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I thought it to be a bad dream and wanted it to end as soon as possible, but then it took the worst turn. He pinned me down, tore off my jeans and rammed me like an animal. My senses suddenly triggered and I realized none of that was a dream, I screamed and tried to get off that animal’s clutches. All I got was a hard slap and harder thrusts. With every passing second, I could feel life leaving my body, everything grew darker. I couldn’t feel any more pain and slowly there was a total blackout. He kept on ruthlessly ramming me even after I had lost my senses. The reports say he had shoved a rod up my privates and damaged my uterus and intestines. And to my utmost surprise, even the few people who passed by didn’t even care to stop and look.

That’s humanity to you, my friends. I have no idea who he was, what he acquired with what he did and what wrong have I done to him to curb out the life out of me like this. Later, I got to know he was just 14 years of age. Another surprise!

Whom should I blame? The new generation who are getting matured way before their age, thanks to technology. Or the old generation who fails to teach ethics and values to them? When we were 14 years old, rape wasn’t even a word for us.

Fortunately, I didn’t live to face the humiliation and wrath of the society, who would judge me anyway for the crime done by someone else. But I would always live there, and everywhere, to make sure as much as I can, to save every girl I can from suffering what I went through.

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