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Do you still come across people who say ‘ I’ll always be there for you’? How do you feel? Do you laugh at them? Does it make you feel weird? Then, my friend, you know what life is.

I’m at a stage where I am aware of everything happening on social websites but it is tough to answer when was the last time I had a proper talk with my dad. But when I think of it, I question myself, ‘Is that what we are living for?’

I am sure you all are leading almost the same life I am.

But it’s really late when we understand that the ones who’ll always be there for us unconditionally are the lives we are least interested in.

This phase of life where we stand is very influential and important for us to build ourselves as a human being first and then whatever we wish to be in life.

A boy

It hardly matters anymore when people who matter leaves, which has lately become a trend.The more you get to know people, the more you get to know yourself. And trust me, the ‘make it’ or ‘break it’ situations depend on how you react to it.

Do you feel that sometimes somewhere you need to spend some more time with yourself other than sitting and chatting with your friends? Do you feel you need a runway to run, run and keep running until you feel better? Do you feel you need someone to share? Do you feel you need some space to scream out everything you have inside you? Do you feel you need to walk alone? Then, my friend, you know what life is.


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