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Here’s all you need to know about girl behind the #SaggyBoobsMatter movement

Chiddera Eggerue
Chiddera Eggerue

In a decade, the world of Internet has massively changed and this change has been helping us in all possible ways. Be it shopping, research or connecting with people. Social media sites like Facebook, Instagram has changed the way we perceive situations, events and everything we know around the globe.

Just so that you know, protests and movements over the Internet on a particular and important subject is the best way to reach out for help to people and spread awareness. Taken the advantage of this very well-versed and easy option on social media, 23-year-old blogger, Chidera Eggerue, (a.k.a The Slumflower) has taken her initial resent for her drooping breasts, when she used to dream about getting a boob job, and turned it around for the good through her award-winning blog Saggy Boobs Matter.

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This Internet sensation allowed the girls over the Internet that it’s not bad having saggy-boobs, as it is all about natural beauty which every girl with this particular beauty should be embracing and loving. Better known online as the Slumflower, Eggerue’s social media campaign, #SaggyBoobsMatter, was aimed to inspire and look beyond ‘modifying’ their bodies after undergoing a lifelong battle with her own breasts.

Chiddera Eggerue said “I created the hashtag #SaggyBoobsMatter because women are shamed when their bodies don’t appease the male gaze,” Eggerue wrote on Instagram. “Saggy boobs are underrepresented. Being underrepresented makes you feel alien to society”.


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The reason behind her well known blog and hashtag was her own battle to fight against the negative criticism which she used to receive for the natural occurrence in a woman’s body. She said that back when she was 18, she had decided to get a boob-job done because she was tired of the part of her body for which she used to receive such negative criticism and by 19, she took the daring decision of not wearing a bra and tried to break down all the stereotypes. By now in 23, she is a successful blogger and her hashtag #SaggyBoobsMatter is a popular hashtag over Instagram just like #love, #happy and #life.

No matter how does a woman look, for her all she should care about and should matter is her inner beauty which may not be all, but most of them will appreciate. The beauty of the inner soul is something which not everyone can embrace properly, but once a person knows how to embrace it and be strong, no negative criticism can break a person mentally.

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