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Noastalgia, here are 10 words that summed up our syllabus in school

SyllabusWe may have different opinions on several topics but one thing we all would agree to is that school life was without a doubt the best part of our lives. The time we have spent in school are precious to us and we have learned so many things that are still etched in our memory. So today, we look back at a few words or terms that we used to hear only during our school days and almost summed up our syllabus in the same.



Science students will be able to relate to this very well. This is a very popular method of chemical analysis every chemistry student had to perform in the lab. Hard to get over it, isn’t it?


Pythagoras Theorem

“The square of the hypotenuse is equal to the sum of the squares of the other two sides”. How many times have your teacher tried to put this into your head? How many times have you failed to recall this and ended up failing in your exams?

3. dy/dx


Backbenchers absolutely hated this as this seemed almost latin to them. Well, mathematics was such a subject which was a pain in the ass for many but on the other hand, the nerds loved it.

4. e=mc^2


Now coming to physics, this is one of the most remembered equations from the syllabus. The theory states the Kinetic energy (E) is equal to the mass (m) of the body times the speed of light squared (c^2). Nostalgic much?


Harappan Civilization
Harappan Civilization

This one is a personal favourite, to be honest. We all used to wonder how the city used to have such a smooth draining system back in those days, didn’t we? Well, we are still in search of the answer.


Ides Of March

Julius Caesar. The soothsayer. Rings a bell? Do we need to say more?



Such a familiar term! Our EVS teachers used to utter this term 2500 times in one minute approximately and we even now can accurately write a whole page on the causes of deforestation!



There used to be a very common picture in our books which defined the process very nicely. We all loved this question on our exam papers as it earned us an easy 2 marks.


Global Warming

Last but not the least, we still need to study a lot of this and act on it. As far as the term is concerned we all know what it is and about its ill effects.

10. Java/Blue-J


This one is dedicated to all those strugglers who chose the hard route of Computer Science (if it wasn’t compulsory) over EVE or any other comparatively easy subject.


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