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Mohammad Kaif reveals the relation between him and Katrina and there is actually one!

Bollywood actress Katrina Kaif is one of the most gorgeous actresses to have ever hit the big screen and there ain’t a shadow of doubt about that. But very few people are aware of the fact that her real name is not Katrina Kaif. There have been many stories surrounding her identity and from where did she get the surname ‘Kaif’. And one of the many rumours surrounding her name was that Katrina is in some way related to cricketer Mohammad Kaif.

Mohammad Kaif, who was the hero of the Natwest Series back in 2002, hosted #AskKaif session on Twitter where his fans could ask him anything they wanted and someone quite obviously popped up demanding an answer about the Kaif connection he shares with the actress.

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The cricketer replied back nicely and cleared everything that he is not in any way related to the actress.

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But Kaif in his post wrote “not related yet” which gave his fans a reason to wonder what the cricketer exactly meant by his tweet. Some even shed light on the story of why and how Katrina got her surname ‘Kaif’ in their tweets.

For all those of you who are wondering which one is the real answer, we have got it for you. Here it goes:

So all of you have got your answers now I hope. Sigh! A lot of doubts will be cleared today!

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