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Impossible is nothing! These 9 hacks will help you get over the most painful break up

Have you ever had your heart broken to an extent where you thought that it is the end of the world for you? We have all been through it. And sometimes, it becomes so difficult to deal with it that it consumes our entire being – emotionally.

You’ve been dreaming about spending your entire life with this one person and – poof! – they’re no more a part of your life now. They leave an empty spot in your heart that no one can really fill in at that moment. Days pass by like years and you still don’t feel okay.

But believe me, when I say, it will pass. You will feel like yourself again. Today we present to you a list of things that you should do to feel better again and move on with your life, with a genuine smile on your face.

1. Put the hurtful thoughts about the break-up aside, distract yourself

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Bad thoughts and loneliness – it can definitely be the most venomous mixture, having the capacity to actually make things worse. This is exactly when distraction plays an important part. Go out with friends, binge watch movies, try cooking if you’re into that. Do anything that will keep you from your past relationship haunting you over and over again.

2. Work on your personal growth by doing new things

Get a new hobby for yourself. Be it dancing, cooking, painting, writing – do anything at all that you’ve always wanted to do. When you get out of one habit, adopt another – a healthy one. Make yourself grow, explore new things, get to know yourself better. Fill the void that was left by your past relationship. Meet new people.

3. Contact your ex as less as possible

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No matter how your relationship ended, try to keep your self-respect intact and try your best not to contact too often, until and unless it’s needed. The basic idea is to keep yourself away from the person who was once everything you ever wanted. You have to accept it and move on. Let go of the things that once held you back. Hold your chin up, and walk away.

4. Share your feelings with your closest friends

Here comes one of the most important part: vent out your emotions. Never bottle them up inside, it is only going to affect your mental health and also won’t give you a chance to let go of all the pain you’ve been holding in. Talk to your best mates, talk to the ones who won’t judge you. Your friends will guide you through this.

5. Resume your dating life only when you’re ready for it

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If you don’t feel ready yet, don’t push yourself to feel something you don’t want to. You should definitely not hook-up with someone till you’re absolutely ready. Forcing yourself to do something you’re not ready for is only going to make you feel all the more emotionally devastated and guilty and believe me, those are the emotions you need to stay away from.

6. Reality check: This break-up is not the end of the world

Yes, it’s hard. It’s very, very difficult. Makes you feel like your world is turning upside down because such a huge part of your life has suddenly gone away, leaving a huge void of zilch. But trust me when I say it, this is not the end of the world. Things will eventually get better. You will fall in love again and find happiness, again.

7. Don’t hold back your emotions. Cry your heart out when you have to

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Don’t run away from your emotions. Face it. Running will only make it worse. It will come chasing you all over again. This will help you to grieve and once you’re done venting out, you will allow yourself to be happy again.

8. Stay away from your ex’s social media

Yes, social media is one such platform that makes it very easy for you to keep a check on them. But, no. Don’t do it. You might see them going out with other and they might look extremely happy without you. However, doing something like this will only make it all the more difficult for you to move on and obviously, you don’t want that.

9. Put yourself first, for a change

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When you’re in a relationship, you mostly tend to adjust a lot of times. You probably even put the other person before your own needs. Consider this as a positive opportunity to begin loving yourself and learn to put yourself first, for a change.

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