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If you want to get high, you cannot afford to miss out on these psychedelic maals from India

Golden Weed and Bhaang
Golden Weed and Bhaang

A lot has already been written about the cosmic connect between India and cannabis. It is in the Vedas, in the folklore, in our very being – every inch of our lives. However, not enough has been said, about the various varieties of cannabis available in our weedy wonderland. Here’s a list of most of them:

1. Mysore Mango, Karnataka


Mysore Mango
Mysore Mango, Source: Reddit


Being one of the best kinds of weed found in India today, Mysore Mango is clean, green and absolutely seedless. It doesn’t really taste like mango. However, it tends to give off the aroma of the King of Fruits for sure.


2. Idukki Gold, Kerala


Idukki Gold
Idukki Gold, Source: Thekindland


The original and pure Idukki strain disappeared over time. However, there are new variations that are almost as good in Kerala. The myth, the golden-green goodness, the legend – is absolutely priceless.



3. Shillong Mango, Meghalaya


Shillong Mango
Shillong Mango, Source: Youtube


This belongs to the category of some of the cleanest weed in all of India, which can exclusively be found in Shillong. Combined with the serenity of Cherrapunji, it’s no wonder people are making a beeline for Meghalaya.

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4. Magic Mushrooms, Tamil Nadu


Magic Mushrooms
Magic Mushrooms, Source: Nkm24


Kadaikanal can turn out to be a transcendental experience in the right season – not just because of the wide availability of primo mushies, but also the serenity and the natural beauty of the place.



5. Golden Weed, Assam


Golden Weed
Golden Weed, Source: Lostwithpurpose


Assam is yet another harbour of nice, clean Bhutanese weed that is easily available. Bonus: it is super cheapw (weed in India is actually pretty much everywhere).


6. Jungla, available in most parts of Northern India


Jungla, Source: Twitter


Hashish rubbed from cannabis that’s growing wild is what it actually is. However, it is not absolutely potent. But, if it is clean, it can be enjoyed to it very extreme.


7. Super Cream, Himachal Pradesh


Super Cream
Super Cream, Source: Pictaram


This usually refers to the hash produced from the first run of an entirely cultivated cannabis plant. Well, this one here is highly potent and extremely expensive – sure to burn a hole in your pocket (even though it is worth it).



8. Malana Cream, Himachal Pradesh


Malana Cream
Malana Cream, Source: Himbuds


The cream of the crop(pun intended), is basically what has made India famous among millions of cannabis enthusiasts. It can be found in the village of Malana in Himachal Pradesh, and is the charas piece de resistance


9. Manipuri Weed



Manipuri Weed
Manipuri Weed, Source: Therealseedcompany


A solid 30 gm of some really clean and amazing weed can be found in Manipur at just Rs. 600/-. The place is awash with the stuff anyway, sending out over 2000 kilograms of it every single day.



10. Bombay Black, Maharashtra


Bombay Black
Bombay Black, Source: Andrewpyriah


Gobar, or Booth polish, and a tiny bit of sweat, mash all of that together with a few drops of rat poison and what we get is the notoriously baffling Bombay Black hash. Needless to say, stay the fuck away.


11. Gourbhanga Weed, West Bengal


Gourbhanga Weed
Gourbhanga Weed, Source: Maalphooko


Well, this one’s not the best, but not the worst either and is also available in cheap abundance. This West Bengal village has a lot of green going out, mostly being consumed by the folks over at Kolkata.



12. Afeem (Opium), available in most parts of India


Afeem, Source: Healthunbox


The original opiod is usually found in many parts of India, with varying degrees of purity. It mostly comes down all the way from Nagaland and Manipur. Both places faced a major opiod crisis a few years back.


13. Bhang, available in most parts of North India


Bhaang, Source: Sensiseeds


This one here is made by mashing up the leaves and seed of the cannabis plant. Bhang is typically consumed on Holi. Thandais, Pakodas and any other manner of edible can be made out of this.

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