Here’s everything you need to know about Altaf Qadri, a photojournalist who has seen it all

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Altaf Qadri
Altaf Qadri

Time doesn’t wait for anybody. We all know it by now. However, with everything moving so quickly, we hardly ever take a moment to pause, breathe and think about the things happening in the world today. Well, unless they affect us.

But today is different. Take a small break from your busy schedule and read this story of Altaf Qadri, a real-life hero.

Altaf Qadri
Altaf Qadri

A photojournalist with AP(Associated Press), Qadri’s story goes a long way back to when he was a kid going to school, in the 11th grade. He was born and brought up in Srinagar, Kashmir and hence, was exposed to the atrocities of terrorism hurled at the people living there. But he felt it for real when after an attach the BSF Jawans held him at gunpoint while he was on his way back home, returning from the mosque, using him as a human shield.

At that very moment, this boy studying in the 11th grade wished, for the first time ever, that he had a camera to shoot everything happening in front of his eyes. That was exactly when he had decided that he wanted to become a photojournalist.

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We’ve only seen it movies – a terror attack strikes, you can hear screams and hoarse voices, but you can’t hear a word. You see people running in different directions, scared and vulnerable. You don’t know what is happening around you so you run and you feel lost. Your eyes become blurry and only then do you realise that you’ve been crying too. Before you start running again, you feel numb and your body gives away. There’s a blackout and the next thing you do us wake up on a hospital bed.

Well, we can only just imagine what a war might be like – some may even glorify it. But imagining a war and being in the midst of one are two entirely different things. When you’re scared and almost near death, when there’s no certainty to your life, that’s when you know that the fear of death is at its extreme peak. Well, unlike many of us, Qadri has seen it all. He has been there, not just once or twice, but many times – way more than you and I can ever imagine.



Photojournalist Qadri is highly celebrated mostly for his coverage of the conflicts in Afghanistan and Libya. He went missing when he crossed over into Libya in order to cover the revolution for AP through the Egyptian land port of Salloum, the main border point between Egypt and Libya.

You can watch his journey in this ‘The Toughest Men In India’ video by MensXP and see what actually happened here:

The Toughest Men In India | Web Series | E02 | Altaf Qadri, Photojournalist

In the era of fake news and sensationalism, it takes a real hero to stand by what's right. Follow photojournalist Altaf Qadri on his relentless pursuit of the truth.

Posted by MensXP on 31 जानेवारी 2018

Altaf Qadri, is a blessing in disguise. He’s the unsung hero of our country. When countries are at war, the real fighters are the soldiers fighting on both sides, and then, there are people like Qadri, doing their duties at the border so as to make sure they serve their country without fail.

It has been eight years since the incident happened. However, it’s better late than never. Here’s our own little way of appreciating a real-life hero whose unsung heroic deeds are what we wish for the world to know.


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