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Coke launches its first alcoholic drink, unites alcohol and soft drink lovers!

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The summers and here are running and it’s time for some chilled drinks to beat the heat. While cold drinks are a regularity, we have something that will lift up your mood in a second. Wait for it.

In March, we were surprised with a news that Coca-Cola is all set to enter the league of alcoholic drinks in the Japanese market. While it was just a news now we have a confirmation.


For all of us to be delighted, Coca-Cola has finally done it. The ‘Lemon-Do’ drink is a lemon-flavored concoction that comes with a blend of spirits.

Lemon Do
Lemon Do


And it’s being aimed at young women. Well, that’s something to be happy about, right?

Brace yourselves for the bad news now. The drink is currently only available in Japan since it will be a version of  ‘Chu-Hi’ – canned sparkling flavored drinks consisting of a local spirit called shochu.


Speaking about the same, Coca-Cola Japan president Jorge Garduño said,

“The Chu-Hi category is found almost exclusively in Japan. Globally, it’s not uncommon for non-alcoholic beverages to be sold in the same system as alcoholic beverages. It makes sense to give this a try in our market.” 

The company has decided to keep the alcoholic ingredient in the drink completely confidential. This definitely adds to our curiosity, we just can’t wait for the drink to hit other countries as well.

And if you want to taste it now, plan your next trip to Japan, maybe?

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