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All the single people out there, we have got your Valentine’s Day sorted like none other

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For those lucky people in love, Valentine’s Day is probably just another opportunity to modify your regular schedule and turn it into a lovely day out with you beloved!

However, if you find yourself alone on the 14th of February, you probably have a different way to look at it.  You don’t necessarily have to be in a relationship in order to have a good time, right?

Here’s a list of awesome things to do when you’re single and sulking this valentine’s day. We give you reasons to not silk anymore. Here goes:

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1. Movie marathon featuring your favourite celebrity crush!



Are you really into Tom Cruise? Or Scarlett Johansson? Who doesn’t love Jennifer Aniston, or Johnny Depp for that matter? Well, it’s time to grab all of your favorite actor’s movies and spend Valentine’s Day with your true (on-screen) love.

2. It’s time to play Secret Santa all over again! Play this game with a valentine touch with your other single friends


Here’s an idea: Write the names of all your singles friends in parchments, put them into a bag and have flowers or chocolates delivered, or even a dinner planned for your pick!


3. Tinder roulette with your other single friends just couldn’t be any more fun!



For this, simply hook up your phone to a TV and broadcast your Tinder page to the whole room – all while taking turns swiping on every single of your profiles and who knows, may be, just may be, you’ll find a date who will make every day Valentine’s day for you!


4. Laugh it up. Laugh a little more today that no one’s around



Laughing gives us endorphins, which, as  Elle Woods taught us, makes us happy.  So hit up a comedy club or watch some stand up on Netflix. Laughing in your own sweet company will make you feel much, much better than you can actually imagine.

5. Celebrate Valentine’s Day with your gang – Make it Galentine’s Day!



Heat it up by gathering your entire gang together to do something cool and fun as a group. Whether it’s going to brunch or watching ”Friends” on loop – it will all give you a chance to spend quality time with people you really love and care about.


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