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Addicted to cigarettes? This Karnataka sheep is on the same boat

The Karnataka sheep
The Karnataka sheep

Nowadays, it’s hard to find people who are not addicted to something or the other. The two main addictive things are alcohol and cigarettes. People still control drinking in the day but cigarettes are smoked all the time,no matter what the occasion is. Cigarettes are known be really addictive but who would think, even sheeps can get addicted to them. For those of you who think they can control and not fall in the trap of addiction, we have a story for you.

There is this sheep who is a big smoker and is badly addicted to nicotine. Here is something that helps you understand his level of addiction. This sheep needs nicotine so much that he is regularly spotted outside tea shops and markets trying to sneak cigarettes from people. The sheep lives in Mandya, in the state of Karnataka.

The sheep loves nicotine so much that he prefers this better than his own food. He is really to give away fodder for cigarettes.

This might sound absurd but it is real. Now its not like humans getting addicted by starting to wonder or giving in for friends, the sheep can’t take out cigarettes from a packet, light it up and take a drag. There is a real, practical reason why this happened. Farmers often are known to use tobacco to get rid of parasites and worms affecting animals. The animals are given large amount of tobacco but experts have confirmed that the nicotine results in leaving a devastating impact on animals.

Nicotine can cause excessive salivation, excitement, tremors, vomiting, lack of coordination, weakness, convulsions, respiratory failure and also death.

The sheep’s owner, Yahwant had made a statement that the sheep can be seen licking discarded sachets of chewing tobacco and the addiction grew and now the sheep is known to prefer cigarettes than it’s regular fodder.


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