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According to the bartenders these are the 15 things you should never, ever do at bars

Yay for alcohol! Yay for drinking! Yay for blurry Instagram photos of you and your “crew” having a night out! But mostly, yay for bartenders! They are the ones who give us drinks, and there are certain rules and guidelines (some unwritten, some that should just be common sense), that every bar patron should follow.

Thankfully, the bartenders revealed a list of do’s and do not’s when it comes to public drinking. Here is a list of things you should never, ever do when you go out to the bars, plus some tips and tricks to make everyone’s experience less hellish:

1. Don’t ask for drinks after closing time

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Please, one more. I’ll pay you” is the highest insult you can slap on a bartender. They have a licence that expires after closing time. There’s a reason that Semisonic‘s “Closing Time” is blasting through the bar right now. Take the hint.

2. Don’t take fruit from the fruit trays meant for drinks

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Ew. Nobody wants your fingers touching the lemons that are supposed to go in or on a glass.

3. Don’t rip up coasters or labels and leave the scraps all over the floor or bar

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Getting drunk is fun but ripping the coaster and labels? Hell no! Someone has to clean that mess up.

4. Don’t ask for free drinks

Even if you claim to “know” the bartender serving. Don’t ask. And furthermore, don’t throw a fit when a bartender won’t give you the free drinks.

5. Don’t snap your fingers

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Bartenders are tasked with serving you, but they are not a lowly servant you can treat like a dog.

6. Don’t hit on the bartenders

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Bartenders are there to serve you drinks and ensure you have a good evening. You hitting on them instead is just plain wrong.

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7. Don’t ask for something that’s “strong, cheap and tastes good”

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Something that is cheap and tastes good is manageable. Even strong and yummy. But all three? That’s wishful thinking.

8. Don’t throw your money/ID on the bar

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That’s a really bad move, to be honest. Especially when the bartender has his hand out!

9. Don’t just say: “Surprise me” or “Make me something good.”

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Especially if you will follow it up with a complaint about the drink they made/chose for you.

10. Don’t ask them to charge your phone behind the bar for you

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The chances that your phone won’t get wet are slim, and if you’re drunk, you will probably forget it at the end of the night.

11. Don’t get too drunk

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You’ll be a bartender’s (and pretty much every human’s) worst nightmare.

12. Don’t scream for your order

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Have a little patience. Your bartender is not a superhuman. Screaming “where’s my order already” won’t increase their productivity.

13. Don’t say ‘I’ll have a beer please’

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Ninety percent of the time, you’ll have to specify what kind of beer so just skip this question altogether and know what type of beer you want.

14. Don’t complain about the drink prices to the bartender

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Most of the time, it’s not their fault and they can do nothing about it.

15. Do tip

This is hopefully a given, but unfortunately for some people this is a reminder.

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