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Aamir Khan reveals why he initially refused ‘Lagaan’ and it will take you by surprise

Aamir Khan is one such superstar who has been delivering hits one after another and we have no choice but to agree to the fact that his choice of scripts is just exceptional. The Bollywood icon has gifted us many beautiful films in his career and one of them is ‘Lagaan’. Now everybody must have seen Lagaan but we doubt how many of them really know a small fact about the film that we are going to reveal today.

So here it goes. How many of you are aware of the fact that Aamir Khan initially rejected the film after five minutes of narration? And the reason behind the rejection was that he found the script bizarre. Aamir stated that he even asked Ashutosh Gowariker to come up with a different story as he found it strange.

Aamir Khan in Lagaan.

PTI reported:

“When I heard ‘Lagaan’, in five minutes of its narration, I rejected it.. I was like it is a story of people who are not able to pay ‘Lagaan’ as there are no rains and they play cricket with British people! I was like ‘What a bizarre thought is this?”

According to NDTV, Aamir further stated that when Gowariker once again approached him after completing the script he got irritated. However, later Aamir believed in the script and told Gowariker that the script has the potential to break the record of mainstream cinema. But Aamir was hesitant in taking up the role as he was unsure of pulling it off and asked the director to approach other actors.

Aamir then gave the film a thougjht and felt that he is letting go of a good script. Later, he asked Ashutosh to narrate the story to his parents who loved it and asked him to do it. And we all know about the rest!

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