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7 facts about Cannibalism which will send a chill down your spine


We live in a world where people not only kill each other for vengeance but also, for the sake of satiating one’s hunger (and even sexual desires, for that matter). In this creepy world full of cannibals hiding amongst us, we present to you 7 facts you probably don’t want to know about Cannibalism.

 1) Cannibals often serve their victims to guests

During 1939 and 1940, the Italian serial killer, Leonarda Cianciulli killed several people, turning their bodies into soaps and teacakes, which she would then serve to unknowing guests.

2) Well, yes! Cannibalism is completely legal in most countries


Despite being the ultimate human taboo, cannibalism is actually pretty much legal in most countries! The illegal part comes from the whole killing your victim, you know.

3) If you find yourself in a situation where you have to eat a fellow human being, the recommended part to eat would be their muscles and their brains!

High in protein, fat, and glucose, the brain is ideal for slow-burning energy. Certain ancient tribes often believed that eating the brains of your enemies was a way to gain their knowledge.

4) “Endocannibalism” is just one of many forms of cannibalism


It’s the ritual of eating a family member after they have died. In Papua New Guinea, the Fore tribe passed down this ritual for generations. The ritual was very specific and involved eating certain body parts of certain family members. For example, a sister had to eat her brother’s brain or the hands of her brother-in-law.

5) The only way to really know what human flesh tastes like is to ask the cannibals

That’s exactly what some researchers did. While their results were varied, with some saying it tastes like beef, pork, or veal, the overall consensus seemed to tip toward pork. Which makes sense since the Pacific Island name for human flesh is “Long Pig.”

6) To some degree, most humans participate in mild forms of “autocannibalism”


This can also be referred to the process of eating one’s own body. This can include eating scabs, dried skin, or fingernails and is generally benign behavior. Autocannibalism can also become a twisted practice leading to severe self-bodily harm. In on particular case, a man who developed a fingernail-biting habit started to bite off his own fingers. It resulted in him losing the tips of all his fingers. The doctors associated it with severe diabetic neuropathy and social isolation.

7) Sexual cannibalism has hit the news in the last decade or so

Several predators have used the internet to actually find victims. Guess what? Armin Meiwes advertised that he was looking for someone to eat – and actually got a reply. He promptly slaughtered and ate Jürgen Brandes, and was convicted of manslaughter. Well, Sexual cannibalism is one of the rarest and extreme sexual fetishes. People who actually have fantasies of slaughtering and eating someone seldom do something about it. They appear to be happy with keeping it in the realm of fantasy.

Now that you know all the things you probably didn’t want to know about Cannibalism, do you feel nauseous yet? Do let us know your views in the comment section below!

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