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5 things you should never do while approaching a girl in your office

We, humans, are attracted towards the opposite gender very easily. We try approaching the opposite gender at various places such as bars, clubs, gym and sometimes even at the office. We generally tend to forget the fact that an office or any workplace is an official setup and trying to hit up there, can result in a great a loss!

Though there are cases where office love is seen to touch great heights and set up an example for others yet there should be some points that men should keep in mind while approaching women in office. Men should also try avoiding some of the major mistakes which they generally make.

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Let us look at the five major mistakes which are easily committed by men:


Lurking can closely be related to stalking. Imagine a stalker around you during the office hours. The same happens with women when they feel a man lurking around them. Some women do understand the emotions behind this act but most of the women find it very annoying.  Try approaching her in a more appropriate way than just lurking around aimlessly around her office table or where ever she goes.


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If you cannot avoid the urge of making a move on her because of your sweet feeling, try making the first move outside the office vicinity. A woman shared her experience that she had to ultimately put on her earphones to avoid the daily nagging of a colleague from a different team. She found it the most appropriate way to show her disinterest.


Though office parties prove to be a source of successful bonding yet anything can backfire at any place and at any time. If your feeling pursues to make a move at the office party be mindful to not be too pushy about it in the very first place.

Two contradictory incidents were reported where a girl found her true soulmate at an office party and another was of the thought process that office parties don’t give the male members the right to hit at the female members.


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Asking a girl at an office for her number to take a step forward can really annoy her sometimes. Asking for numbers can never be an appropriate option and can create a bad impression if you are not comfortable within the organisation as friends.


It is highly inappropriate to use official channels to woo a woman. It is for sure that she would never agree to your proposal but your HR would be highly ashamed of your stupidity and may even fire you!

The first impression is the last impression. And hence, follow these steps to give your romance a healthy start!

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