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11 perfect holiday destinations that you should start planning for to visit this summer


We all know, traveling not only relaxes our mind but also our souls. Be it within or away from the country, the fun, delight, and extravaganza of the trip remain all the same!

However, neither you nor I can deny the fact that when it comes to going international, the first factor that hinders all our plans is the ‘budget’ estimation.

Well, if budget is what is actually bothering your next international tours, think again, as here, we present to you a kaleidoscopic list of international destinations that you easily visit, come summer!


1. Taiwan



Taiwan – known for its picturesque beauty and appeal, is an idealistic destination in Asia. Turquoise waters, scenic landscape, fascinating hills and mountains, gushing rivers and ever smiling locals are some of the offerings of this island nation.


Air Tickets: INR 25,000 – 27,000 (Ideal to book 4-6 months in advance) . 



Visa Duration: Required (14 Days)

Currency: 1 Taiwan Dollar = INR 1.97
Places you’d like to visit: Taroko National Park, Penghu Islands, Taipei, Hualien, Pingtung, Taichung, Tainan
Activities you should definitely try: Cultural Tours, Sightseeing, Wildlife Tours, Shopping, Luxury Holidays, Beaches and Hot Spring Experiences!


2. Indonesia



Indonesia’s rustic beauty along with its enormously diverse cultural heritage will keep you hooked in infinite fun-frolic moments. A plethora of stunning places to visit and amazing things to do, it is definitely, without a second thought, one of the must visit holiday destinations around the world.

Air Tickets: If you take a flight from Kochi and land at Bali Airport, it would  cost you only about INR 9,376. That’s like the cheapest of all, right? 



Visa Duration: On Arrival (30 Days)
Currency: 1 Indonesian Rupiah = INR 00.0049
Places you’d like to visit: Bali, Derawan Island, Toba, Jakarta, Pangandaran, Wakatobi, Pangandaran Beach, Batu Secret Zoo, and others.
Activities you should definitely try: Nature Tour, Religious & Cultural Tours, Water sports, Volcano Tours, Local Sightseeing, Temple Tours.


3. Turkey



Turkey has all the reasons of being one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. Besides being the home to mind-boggling destinations like Istanbul and Troy, the country brags of enlightening historical, leisure as well as cultural tourism.

Air Tickets: All you have to do is, take a  flight from Mumbai and land at Istanbul Airport right away. It could cost you as low as INR 24,455. It couldn’t get any better, could it?



Visa Duration: On Arrival (90 Days)
Currency: 1 Turkish Lira = INR 26.05
Places you’d like to visit: Istanbul, Troy, Ephesus, Pamukkale, Trabzon
Activities you should definitely try: Beach Vacations, Leisure and Fun Cruises, Religious & Cultural Tours.


4. China


The beauty of China is inexplicable. It is undoubtedly one of the most amazing  and colourful countries in the world! China is like a Kaleidoscopic mixture of traditions and cultures. China is the third highest visited country in the world – it is truly a treasure trove for the ones who are planning a beautiful, serene getaway!

Air Tickets: Landing at China could never have been this cheap! Mumbai-Shanghai flight would cost you just INR 26,585. 



Visa Duration: Required (30 Days)
Currency: 1 Chinese Yuan = INR 9.83
Places you’d like to visit: Beijing, Xuchang, Zhengzhou, Chongqing, Wuhan, Luzhi, Macau
Activities you should definitely try: Local Sightseeing, Historical & Cultural Tour, Leisure Tours, Wildlife & Nature Tours.

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5. Sri Lanka



During your stay at Sri Lanka, you will never really be away from home! Being one of our neighbouring countries, it is surrounded by the Bay Of Bengal, Indian Ocean and the Gulf Of Myanmar.


Air Tickets: Pack your bags and just take a flight from Kochi and land at Colombo which would cost you just INR 12,382. 



Visa Duration: Electronic Travel Authorization (30 Days)
Currency: 1 Sri Lankan Rupee = INR 0.46
Places you’d like to visit: Colombo, Kandy, Galle, Matara, Kataragama, Tissamaharama, Kirinda, Sabaragamuwa, Panduwasnuwara, Dambadeniya, Yapahuwa Kurunegala
Activities you should definitely try: Heritage Tours, Religious Visits, Art and Culture Tours, Adventure Sports, Wildlife Tours and Plantation Visits!



6. Malaysia



Malaysia is all about pleasant and candid moments. It is indeed a major tourist hub in the entire South-East Asia. No matter who you are with or what you are looking for, the turquoise waters, alluring beaches, friendly people and serene climate will definitely make your holiday a time to remember!


Air Tickets: Well, yes. Its totally true. You’ll only have to spend around INR 7,102 to land at Malaysia. Suggested Flight: Kochi to Kuala Lumpur. Get ready, people. 



Visa Duration: Required (30 Days)
Currency: 1 Malaysian Ringgit = INR 17.05
Places you’d like to visit: Kuala Lumpur, Miri, Kangar, Sarawak, Labuan, Pangkor, Redang Island, Kapas Island, Rantau Abang Island
Activities you should definitely try: Cultural Tour, Leisure Tours, Local Sightseeing, Shopping, Wildlife Tours, Nature Tours.


7. Bhutan



Resting amidst the lofty peaks and breath-taking meadows, this quaint and rustic country, Bhutan, is one of our neighbouring nations. Making it to the list of budget nations from India, Bhutan, or the ‘Land of the Thunder Dragons’ is a treasure destination for the visitors in every aspect.

Air Tickets: Pack your bags and take a flight from Mumbai and land at Paro Airport. Fares start from just Rs.4589! Seems unreal , right?



Visa Duration: Not Required (14 Days)
Currency: 1 Bhutanese Ngultrum = INR 1.00
Places you’d like to visit: Phuentsholing, Thimpu, Punakha, Trashigang, Haa Valley, Trongsa
Activities you should definitely try: Cultural Tours, Wildlife Tours,  Himalayan Tour, Adventure Sports & Activities, Religious Tours, Local Sightseeing.



8. Lebanon



Lebanon is counted amongst the most ancient countries of the world. It boasts of a diverse history, scenic beauty and am extremely tourist friendly ambience. It is a country with way too many world heritage sites, a trip to this country is definitely a must for everyone out there!


Air Tickets: As low as INR 23,000 if planned on time. Suggested flight from – Hyderabad. Things just couldn’t get any better, right? 



Visa Duration: Required (3 Months)
Currency: 1 Lebanese Pound = INR 0.041
Places you’d like to visit: Historical & Religious Monuments, Tripoli, Batroun, Deir el Qamar, Sidon
Activities you should definitely try: Cultural & Religious Tours, Leisure and Recreational Visits, Nature Tours, Local Sightseeing.


9. The United Arab Emirates



Being one of the most popular holiday destinations among the leisure travelers, UAE brags about its imexplicable beauty and a huge array of activities to do. Amongst all the places to visit in the UAE, one simplysimply  ignore Dubai at any cost. A hub for international tourists, this city is known for its tourist-friendly ambience and several striking monuments.


Air Tickets: Take a flight from Mumbai. Fares start from just Rs.6757.



Duration: Suggested time to spend at this destination is  7 Days
Activities you should definitely try: Cultural Tourism, Shopping, Business Tours, Desert Safaris in Dubai, Luxury Tours, Sports Tourism, Adventure Sports, Water Sports.
Places you’d like to visit: Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah.



10. Singapore



With tourism as an important economic resource of the country, Singapore, with its pristine beauty and allurement boasts of being one of the highest visited countries in the world. Be it for shopping, leisure tours or recreational holidays, the country serves as a popular host among its visitors.


Air Tickets: Take a flight from Mumbai because the fares start from as low as INR 19,600.



Duration: Suggested duration – 5 Days
Activities you should definitely try: Shopping, Nature Tours, Local Sightseeing, Food Tours, Art & Culture Tours, Garden Festival, Beach Tours, Wildlife Tours.
Places you’d like to visit: Singapore Flyer, Helix Bridge, Merilon Park, Istana, Temple of 1000 Lights, Civilian War Memorial.


11. Thailand



When it comes to international trips, there are very few countries that can match Thailand’s tourism ratio. The highest visited country in 2013, Thailand is most definitely known for its enchanting beauty!


Air Tickets: You won’t believe but the fares start from INR 9,170. Take a  flight to Bangkok Airport from Kochi and have the best time of your life!



Duration: Suggested trip duration 6 Day
Activities you should definitely try: Local Shopping, Floating Market Tour, Elephant Tourism, Medical Tourism.
Places to Visit: Santikhiri, Bangkok, Phuket, Tarutao.


Now that you know about the best budget holiday destinations for this summer, pack your bags, put your best shades on, book those tickets and you’re good to go! 

Also, thank us later! 

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