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10 quotes to give you a fresh start in 2018

Inspirational quotes
Inspirational quotes

2018 has officially begun and we hope that it had been a great start for you all! We all had bad times and negativity which we faced the previous year, but despite of everything we fought those bad times we enjoyed the fun and positive days and ended the year on a good note. As we are in a new year and everyone is taking up resolutions to prove themselves as a better human being this year, motivation and positivity is something we all need for following our resolutions on a serious note.

Motivation is something which we all need while doing an important work, so that outcome is something positive and good. If a person lacks motivation then he/she can reach the level of frustration which can lead to stress and sometimes, depression too.

To start off by, these are few quotes you should be following in 2018 to have a kickass year ahead:

1. “Beyoncé wasn’t lived in a day”

2. “When life gives you lemons, squeeze them in other people’s eyes”

3. “Be an odd combination of ‘really sweet’ and ‘don’t mess with me’”

4. “She’s a little sass and lot of badass”

5. “No guts, no glory. No legend, no story”

6. “You did not wake up to be a mediocre”

7. “There’s more to life than just eating stuff.”

8. “If you’re able to believe in Santa Clause for 8 years, then you can believe in yourself for 5 seconds”

9. “I got my own back”

10. “When life knocks you down, get up, smile and say ‘You hit like a BITCH’”

These are the 10 quotes which can definitely gear you up and forget about all the negativity you are surrounded by! Life is too short to cry and feel negative, so gear up and conquer the world with your ideas, motives and positivity. Be under the influence of good people because there is nothing greater than having people who are positive as well as spread positive, good vibes.

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