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You might troll Uday Chopra but his lavish ‘Hollywood’ villa will make you super jealous

Get ready for a royal tour.

We have seen Bollywood superstars own beautiful houses and apartments. But today, we are going to take you through a house of a Bollywood star who you seldom think of and has long disappeared from your minds. But once you take a look at the star’s villa, we bet it would take time for you to rub it off your mind.

Bollywood star Uday Chopra might have failed to make it big in the industry but he is as rich as any other superstar. His acting skills are not enough praised but he really works hard for his family-owned company. He has been living in the U.S for a few years now and is also known to have set up a Yash Raj Film (YRF) unit in Hollywood.

Uday Chopra
Uday Chopra

Reportedly his lavish Mediterranean villa is on sale and the pictures of the two-storeyed, 4BHK villa are simply gorgeous. Apart from four rooms, the Villa has a sea salt spa and a private pool as well. The stunning house is completely white with a lovely open kitchen adds to its glamour.

The bedrooms look unbelievably cosy and the blue and white tone of the house is just what you will ever want. The Villa is right now on sale and if you have that amount of money you can definitely place your bid.

Here are the pictures of the amazing villa:

This has to be the house of your dreams. Isn’t it?

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