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Unless you see these pictures you won’t realise that Kolkata is so much more than you can ever imagine


Let’s talk about Kolkata because even though us, the lovers of our Kolkata won’t ever fall out of love for our beloved, there are those who need to appreciate it for everything it is.

Kolkata (formerly Calcutta) is the capital of India’s West Bengal state. Founded as an East India Company trading post, it was India’s capital under the British Raj from 1773–1911. Today it’s known for its grand colonial architecture, art galleries and cultural festivals. It’s also home to Mother House, headquarters of the Missionaries of Charity, founded by Mother Teresa, whose tomb is on site. Kolkata has also been the pioneer city in Indian renaissance. It has long been known for its literary, artistic and revolutionary heritage.

Kolkata has rightly been called the ‘City of Joy’ by French author Dominique Lapierre. The people know how to truly enjoy occasions, be it Durga Puja, Christmas, New years; they just need a reason to be happy and celebrate. And in today’s world, we need to learn how to own a smile. When we talk about Kolkata we know that the children are keen on cultural activities, they dance, sing, draw and recite poetry in the most beautiful way possible.

We know that Kolkata is the place for cultural heritage and that the people even if they do not know you will be humble and kind and will always flash a smile on your visit. We know that kolkata is crowded, and we know that the people are hyped, but why not? We take pride in being the joyous people from the city of joy. People are busy, yes, but amidst the crowd, they know how to take a step back and adore the beauty of the state they belong to.

It is so much more than Maach, bhaat and rosogolla, that in today’s day, most people tend to forget. An Instagrammer, onlyinbengal, made sure to ferry us to the other side of the argument through his beautiful captures which will have an everlasting impression in your heart.

Let us acknowledge his efforts on reviving the essence of Kolkata and let us gawk at how beautiful our city is.

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