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Take a look at the world’s largest airplane and it is built to carry space rockets

All of you who are interested in space, science, planes, rockets etc., we have something for you today! Let us present before you all, the Stratolaunch, the world’s biggest airplane and we bet you have not seen anything like it before!

Stratolaunch has two bodies, joined by wings that are longer than a football field (football field is 360 feet in length). To be exact, the wings are 385 feet long.

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The plane is designed to launch rockets and it can do laps between the surface of the earth and stratosphere, and launch rockets that would ignite their engines during ascent into space.

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And you will be amazed to hear the speed which it will do that. It is 853 kilometres/hour and a radius range of 1,852 kilometres.

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The plane has been founded by the co-founder of Microsoft, Paul G. Allen, and has undergone multiple tests in the run-up to its first flight in 2019.

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Here’s a video of one such test was shared by Stratolaunch a few months ago:

They’re calling it the most audacious flying machine ever. And there is no doubt about it.


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