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In a powerful video, Shah Rukh Khan asks people to support and empower acid attack victims

There are some things in this world which are more brutal than death and acid attacks are one of them. These attacks disfigure a person so badly that they suffer all their life. Women are more often the victims of this disgusting crime than men who are usually found to be the guilty ones.

We live in a society which constantly judges you by your looks and it is quite obvious for acid attack victims to feel shattered and low of themselves. But every person has his/her own beauty and that should not be forgotten.

One of the most influential celebrities of our country Shah Rukh Khan has always been there for these brave souls. He has been supporting them through his Meer Foundation and now he calls all of us to join this beautiful initiative.

Shah Rukh has now collaborated with Vogue India and Hothur Foundation to spread awareness, urge people to support the victims, and hence, empower these survivors.

In a very touching and powerful video, the King of Bollywood talks about beauty and social acceptance. He also beautifully captioned the video and posted it on his Instagram account and we feel all of you out there should have a look at it and come forward to support this initiative.

For those who do not know about the Meer Foundation, we have got it covered. Shah Rukh Khan’s Meer Foundation promotes programmes and initiatives that empower and support women. It collaborates with like-minded NGOs and humanitarian organizations to cast a long-lasting impact on people.

Shah Rukh Khan
Shah Rukh Khan

The Hothur Foundation, promoted by Wahab Group, is also doing a wonderful job as it helps uplift backward sections of the society and provides them with basic amenities.

Here’s a look at the wonderful video:

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