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Sunny Leone reveals what she wants to do with Salman Khan on meeting him!

Sunny Leone and Salman Khan

Sunny Leone is on top of the world after the success of her biopic Karenjit Kaur – The Untold Story of Sunny Leone. The movie hit the screens on 16th July and has been welcomed with mixed reactions from the fans. The gorgeous actress who is currently hosting popular reality TV show MTV Splitsvilla season 11 has fans from all over the world, especially India.

Now, Sunny has never worked with Salman Khan before but she seems to be a die-hard fan of the actor. In a recent interview, when the diva was asked about what will she say if she sees Salman Khan, she said:

Salman Khan
Salman Khan


“I just wanna squeeze that one bicep. Just once. I know weird creepy fan, sorry.”

That’s really weird but is adorable too. It looks like Sunny, like many other girls in the world, is in love with Salman’s god-like physique.

When the same question was asked regarding Shah Rukh Khan, the beauty mentioned that she gets shy when she is in front of him.

Shah Rukh Khan

“I don’t know, I get shy. I get shy when I am in front of these people. I even don’t know what to say, and then start saying things that don’t make any sense. Then I figure out that I am that weird fan who tries to come up with a sentence for how I am going to engage and speak, and then it comes out completely wrong. So, I would say ‘Hi, how have you been?”

That’s cute. Aint it? Well, Sunny, we wish that your dream of squeezing Salman’s bicep comes true someday and we wish you luck in your future endeavors.

Here’s the look at the video:

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