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Suhana Khan advised to pose properly for a photograph, trolled for flaunting her booty

Suhana KhanWell, let’s face it – Shah Rukh Khan’s daughter is no less than a celebrity! The young star is definitely one of the most beautiful and glamorous divas, just like her mother, Gauri and is always hitting the headlines.

It is almost a regular thing now – spotting Suhana wearing some absolutely stunning and amazing fashionable clothes and of course, flaunting her luxurious lifestyle as she is preparing herself for her day to day tasks.

But, then again, popularity always has its dark sides and so is applicable in Suhana’s case just as well.

Previously, the 17-year-old was trolled on Instagram for wearing a bikini. However, now people have found yet another way to slam this young diva.

Lately, Suhana shared some amazing pictures from her trip to Agra where she was seen standing in front of Taj Mahal and simply posing.

Though one of her pictures has been received very positively by her fans, her second picture was just annoying to a lot of other people. Here, take a look below at the two pictures we are actually talking about!

A troll requested Suhana to pose in a decent way in all her pictures while others advised her to learn how to pose for a picture. One user even went on to call Suhana a maid of her tourist friends while others slammed SRK’s daughter for trying too hard to show her booty.

The comments
The comments

Just like her superstar dad, Suhana also enjoys a huge fan following and is an internet sensation thanks to her stunning pictures which keep cropping up regularly on social media. So, what do you think about this? Let us know in the comments below!


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