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Salman Khan trolls a journalist in the most epic way when asked about the blackbuck poaching case

When we are talking about Salman Khan, we are constantly reminded of the fact that he is the bhai of Bollywood. Well, quite literally. However, jokes apart, I’m sure everyone agrees with the fact that he can do anything. Dance to the most hilarious beats? Well, yes. Roll on the floor while laughing on stage? Yes, of course. Simply shame his buttocks and there you go! You have a new dance move now.

A few days ago, Salman Khan was convicted by the Jodhpur court for the blackbuck poaching case, for which, he had to spend a few nights behind the bars. However, he was granted bail and ever since then, he has been out.

Well, the shoot for Race 3 was kept on hold until he returned from jail. But tell me one thing honestly, did you really think he would remain behind bars for five years straight? Let’s face it: we all knew that he would be set free very soon, right?

But well, if you’re one of those delusional people who actually thought that he would be jailed forever, you really need a reality check, real soon.

When the Race 3 trailer was launched, a journalist asked Salman about his jail term. Salman, being the witty person he is, said:

“Did you think that I was going to go in forever?”

When the journalist replied, “No” the Race 3 star said:

“Thank you! No seriously, because I was worried.”

Watch the video here:

Well, I’m sure you will now agree that Salman can do it all!

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