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Hardik Pandya is dating ‘Jannat 2’ actress Esha Gupta and we can smell another Cricket-Bolly jodi

Hardik Pandya and Esha Gupta
Hardik Pandya and Esha Gupta

Indian cricketer Hardik Pandya has been a gem for the Indian cricket team ever since his debut for Indian in January 2016. With his exceptional skills as an all-rounder, Pandya went on to root his spot in all three formats of the game for Virat Kohli and his men. However, the lanky cricketer has been in news all through, not only for his performances but his dating rumours.

Hardik Pandya’s love life has been all over the news for a very long time and the cricketer was also previously rumoured to have been dating actress Elli AvRam. Photographs of them together at various events started going viral which lead to the birth of a possible relationship suspicion.

Hardik Pandya and Elli Avram
Hardik Pandya and Elli Avram

However, according to reports, their bidding romance went down the hill right after Elli actually expressed that she needed commitment. A certain source also claimed that,

“Elli wanted a commitment, while Hardik was looking for something casual. This led to a lot of arguments between them and they called it quits.”

However, there is a twist in the story. We are here with reports of Hardik Pandya dating actress ‘Jannat 2’ actress, Esha Gupta!

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As per reports, the 24-year-old cricketer has grown all the more closer to Esha after meeting her at a party. Well, what really began as a simple, innocent chat has now emerged into two of them actually dating each other.


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According to a certain source,

“They met at a party and hit it off immediately. The duo started chatting up, exchanged numbers and before we knew, they were an item.”

The source added,

“Right now both of them are hush-hush about their budding romance. They want to see how things turn out. They make their lunch and dinner plans secretively and want to avoid the public glare. Currently, they are in the phase where they are getting to know each other.”

Another Bollywood-Cricket couple. God, when will this even stop?

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