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US Travel Vlogger shares her horrifying experience of staying in a Delhi hotel via YouTube video

The life of a travel vlogger is a one defined by breathtaking sceneries, bumping into strangers, adoring diverse cultures and a lot more that makes it better than that of a person with a desk job. Come on, who would reject an opportunity to chill by the beach or sit on a cliff and get his/her work done at the same time?

While this sounds like a dream job to most of us, things are not this cool all the time. Wait, what can be wrong with such a thrilling way to earn money? US-based travel vlogger Jordan Taylor’s story will give you goosebumps.

Jordan Taylor, who is known by the name ‘Travellight’, took a trip to India in a bid to fulfill her ‘dream project’. She stepped onto different parts of the country with her boyfriend and India treated her just the way she had expected. It was a trip to remember for the woman until her boyfriend took a flight back four days before she had planned to make her exit.

According to Taylor, she was touched and groped by random men who passed by. She came across a guy who leaned his face towards her and said ” I want to fuck you”.

But that’s not all. There were frightening incidents that followed.

She was staying in a hotel in Delhi for the tail-end of her trip. Things turned abnormal when the hotel staff realized that Taylor was alone and started acting weird. She got the first hint of danger when a staff pinged her with a ‘hey baby’. The incident was followed by another call the next day, where the person from the other end made heavy breathing sounds instead of uttering a word. Taylor described them as sexual in nature.

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Things turned worse when they deliberately switched off the AC of her room in a bid to persuade her to let them in. However, Taylor heard them flipping the AC switch outside the room which gave her a clear idea that the AC wasn’t at fault but was turned off purposely. She refused to open the door.

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“I saw shadows under my door. They would knock, say ‘open the door’. They shut off the wifi and kept telling me they need to come in and fix the wifi.”

She was locked inside her room without AC, Wifi, food, and water for almost two days. She also mentioned in her video, how she spotted shadows on her door indicating the presence of people outside her room.

However, on the day of her check out, she observed that there was no one outside early in the morning. She made a quiet escape as early as 3.00 am from the hotel.

 “It felt like I was in a horror movie.” she confessed.

She made a video narrating the whole incident and shared it on YouTube. The comments in the video give us the information that an inquiry into the same is underway.

You can watch the video here:

It’s a shame that India has become one of the most unsafe places for women to live in. We sincerely hope that Jordan gets her justice and the guilty are punished. That will definitely be a small but significant step towards such heinous crimes.

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