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Shocking: Three girls slapped 168 times each for not completing their homework

A science teacher from Jawahar Navodaya Residency School in Jhabua district, Thandla, allegedly forced students to slap their classmates who were unable to complete the homework given on 11th of January. Three girls from class VI were slapped 168 times individually as a punishment of not completing their homework.

The father of one of the girls has filed a police complaint. The police are not sure whom to arrest. As the work done was by the other students, yet the mind was of the teacher, the police are looking into the matter to interpret whom to be found guilty. (I know. It is absurd to think any longer and they should arrest the teacher and the authorities who tried to persuade the police that the teacher was doing the right thing, because he was not.)

The authorities of the school, shockingly enough have condoned that the atrocity was nothing but a friendly punishment. They said that, “teachers are not allowed to punish the students who were weak in studies or had the will to actively be a part of school activities, therefore the teacher, Manoj Kumar Verma let the classmates of those girls to take matters into their hands. It was a friendly punishment, and was only for the three girls to understand that not doing the homework is wrong.” They say that, “it will help them, and the punishment had no other motive.” According to the authorities, the students weren’t hit hard. It was only to spread the message and ensure that the school students understand the difference between what to do and what not to do.

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The complaint filed claimed, that the girl was ill, therefore was unable to do the homework. The assault has resulted in the little girl being traumatized, humiliated, having had an immense mental shock. She is now terrified of going to school.

Cops are in dilemma following the complaint, and haven’t registered a case yet. “We are seeking a legal opinion about who could be regarded as accused, the students who acted on behalf of the teacher or the teacher himself.” Said, Thandla SHO Sher Singh Baghel, “The students have confirmed that they had indeed slapped the victims as ordered by Verma.”

It is a wrong step for the society to try and hide the mistake of the teacher. The students are the assets of our future, and if they are frightened of the world from the very place they should learn to be strong, it will be the end of our Democracy.

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