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School girls waited in the bathroom with knife, planned to kill students & drink their blood

In a bizarre incident at a middle school in central Florida, two girls were caught planning something extremely scary waiting in a bathroom.

According to the authorities, the two girls were planning to kill at least 15 smaller girls with knives and drink their blood.

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Bartow Police Chief Joe Hall said during a news conference that the two girls were arrested on Tuesday and charged with conspiracy to commit murder, possession of a weapon on school property, carrying a concealed weapon, and disruption of a school function.

According to CNN, The girls claimed themselves to be Satan worshippers and planned to kill themselves after drinking the blood and eating the flesh of the students they were about to kill.

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The plan was foiled Tuesday after an automated call from the school notified one of the girls’ parents that the daughter was missing from class, Hall said.

Going by the police report, “they devised a plot to kill several students” after the two students spent time watching horror movies at the 12-year-old’s place. The report also says that they planned to meet in the bathroom after attending their first-period classes and wait to overpower the smaller students.

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They had planned to stab their victims and cut their throat by knives that were tucked under their clothes. The preteens had done their research on how to kill someone with a knife and what type of wound would cause their victims “to bleed out the fastest”.

The report also mentioned that they intended to stack their victims in a bathroom stall and wait for the next smaller student to enter. “After the students were dead, they would cut them up and eat parts of the dead flesh” the report says. The girls aimed at killing 15 to 25 students.

According to the police, after killing the students they planned to kill themselves. The believed that by killing the smaller students they would go to hell and be with Satan.

Hall said that the assistant principal found the two girls in the bathroom after one of the girl’s mother reported the school authorities that the automated call reporting her daughter’s absence must be a mistake.

The two girls revealed four knives, scissors, and a pizza cutter under their clothes when they were taken to the Principal’s office. Two of the knives had blades of at least 5 or 6 inches, according to the photos provided by the police. Not only this but a goblet, from which to drink blood, was also there with them.

Detectives searched the girls’ homes and found a hand-drawn map that included the phrase, “go to killin bathroom” — which marked the bathroom where they were found, police say. One of the girls had also scrawled violent lyrics from Eminem and Florence + the Machine on a sheet of paper, photos show.

Photos show that there was also a short poem on one sheet of notebook paper – “trying hard to leave./stuck in a endless abyss./claw a way out, now”. One note read – “Today is health lessens thank Satan we’re doing this in bit”.

The girls’ cellphones were also searched and Snapchat messages were found regarding the plot. “We shouldn’t have met each other lol. Now Death is near,” and, “I was thinking like stabbing ourselves in the necks.” the message included.

A student had notified a teacher of a rumored threat to students and thus additional police were already there in the campus. According to Superintendent Jacqueline Byrd, there will be counselors and extra police officers at the school this week.

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