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Sarahah app no longer on App Store and Google Play, here is the reason

Many app developers have now eventually given in to the anonymous app trends. However, no one really has thought about how threatening these apps might really be.

We all know about this trending app ‘sarahah.com’, created by Zain Al-Abidin Tawfiq which has recently been gotten rid of from two of the largest application stores in the world – the Apple App Store and Google Play.

Sarahah (honesty), was developed to provide anonymous feedback for and from colleagues and/or friends. However, it has actually taken a dangerous toll on its users.

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Only a few days ago, Katrina Collins, a concerned Australian mother, caught life threatening messages on her daughter’s (13 years old) phone through the app.

Her daughter had not been a user, yet, received an anonymous message from someone who hoped she would kill herself through a friend’s account.

After finding the offensive messages on her daughter’s phone, Katrina started a petition on a petition site; Change.org.

She called for the app to be removed from two of the largest mobile storefronts. The petition accused the app for facilitating bullying and self-harm, with approximately 14 million users. Unbelievable, right?

Although both companies had nothing much to say  about the matter, the petition attracted nearly 4,70,000 supporters, and both storefronts took the app down. The petition, unlike a lot others, was definitely one that succeeded.

The CEO of the Sarahah app, Zain-Al Abidin Tawfiq, held an argument with Katrina’s accusations of the app promoting violence and self-harm. To add to it, he commented on Apple and Google’s decision to take down the app, and described it as “unfortunate”.

However, he has not lost hope in contacting them and trying to find a way out to settle things down soon.

There have been way too many anonymous apps that have long been imposing a threat to many teenagers eversince the trend began. Trolling and offense has risen so rapidly that the international cyberbullying victim rate only seems to go up.

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