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Sabarimala Verdict: Supreme Court squashes gender barrier, women devotees of all age groups can enter temple

After back to back victories by decriminalising homosexuality and adultery, the Supreme Court is out with yet another verdict which will increase your faith in the court even more. The verdict comes in favour of gender justice and it once again highlights that men and women are treated as the same in India.

The Supreme Court on Friday lifted the ban on the entry of women between age 10 to 50 inside the Sabarimala temple. The Supreme Court believes that no physiological or biological factor can be given legitimacy if it can’t pass the test of conditionality.

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According to TOI, a temple that has a tradition of allowing girls inside the temple before they attain puberty and women above the age of 50 who are menopausal, believes that women who menstruate are impure. It was a rule made by the Travancore Devasom Board (TDB) that maintains the temple.

A. Padmakumar, the president of the TDB felt let down by the verdict and said that they would be going for a review petition after receiving support from other religious heads.

Chief Justice of India Dipak Misra said:

Dipak Misra
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“Women are worshipped as goddesses in India and they cannot be treated as lesser or weaker”

Surprisingly, the verdict did not go down well with several older women devotees as they believe that the ban was a matter of faith and tradition that has been going on for years.

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Union Minister for Women & Child Development Maneka Gandhi spoke for the decision and said:

“It’s a wonderful decision. It opens up and brings the way forward for Hinduism to become even more inclusive & not a property of one caste or one sex”

NCW Chief Rekha Sharma believes that in the fight between religion and equality, it is equality that should have the last laugh.

“I welcome the decision. Now women can choose if they want to go or not. Earlier it was imposed on them in name of religion. When right to equality & religion are there, right to equality should win.”

Meanwhile, senior counsel KP Kylasanatha Pillay had said:

“I don’t want another Ayodhya (like situation) in Kerala cautioning against the repercussion of interfering with practice.”

We think it is a third straight victory by the Supreme Court and equality comes first above all.

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