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Mumbai man becomes the first Indian to be added in the No-Fly list and here is the reason

While troublesome passengers on the flight remain a familiar scene in the country, India had enforced a no-fly list (NFL) for rowdy passengers. The rule which was brought into action eight months ago to ensure a smooth and undisturbed journey for the other passengers. However, now we have the first one to be put on the list and it’s a man from Mumbai.

Birju Kishore Salla, who broke into the news last year for creating a hijack scare on a Jet Airways flight last year has been added as the first one ever.

Jet Airways
Jet Airways. Image Source

Salla left a hijack message in the business class lavatory of a Mumbai-Delhi flight on October 30, 2017, which forced the flight to change it’s route to Ahmedabad. The act of his has now led Jet Airways to ban him from their services for 5 years.

Speaking about the same, a senior official of the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) said,

Representative Image
Representative Image


 “This is the first case of an Indian carrier putting someone on the NFL. Jet Airways has informed us that after following due procedure, they have banned him (Salla) for five years with effect from November 2017 for breach of security. It is the airline’s responsibility to inform other carriers and then it is up to them whether they also put the person on their NFLs. We will continue to maintain a database for such passengers.”

Salla, who was traveling on seat number 1A of 9W 339 left a message that stated that the plane should be flown straight to Pakistan occupied Kashmir and not Delhi. It also urged not to take the message as a joke and mentioned that the flight will blast if it lands in the Indian capital.

The note read,

“9W 339 is covered by hijackers and a/c (aircraft) should not land and (be) flown straight to POK (Pakistan-occupied Kashmir). 12 ppl on board. If you put landing you can hear the noise of people dying. Don’t take it as a joke. Cargo area contains explosive bombs and will blast if you land in DEL (Delhi).”

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