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Moral Police blast innocent girls yet again for a reason that is nothing more than a joke

It looks like Kolkata is suffering from some kind of moral policing plague. It protests against ‘being thrashed for hugging in public’ have not even died down and yet another incident where people are told to ‘behave correctly and appropriately’ has emerged in the city.

But this time, these people who offended the moral police were not even adults, they were just a bunch of innocent 10-12 years old girls who were taking their regular tennis class at a sports club. Their crime? Wearing skirts that were ‘short’ and T-shirts that were ‘immodest’.

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According to a regional media report, a group of women barged into a local sports club claiming that they had problems with girls wearing short skirts while practicing their game at the tennis club.

Can you believe it? Girls, who have not even hit puberty, are being blamed for dressing indecently. And they were not even dressed in the clothes of their own choice. They were dressed in standard uniforms which one ought to wear while playing tennis.

One of the club members who witnessed the incident recalled :

“Some 10-15 women barged into the club during class hours on Wednesday evening. Their problem was that girls at the club came to play wearing ‘immodest’ T-shirts and shorts, and that should stop.”

Both the Club Authorities and the girls’ parents were appalled by the incident. Those women even tore down the fence around the tennis court and hurled curse words in front the girls. The Irony! Trying to ‘protect’ girls from being immoral by using indecent language in front of them.

It’s such a disgrace seeing such instances happening in a city which has produced some of the greatest literary and women trailblazers.

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