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Man scores beer from all 32 countries playing in the FIFA World Cup and here is the collection

Our jaws are dropped.

With the end of the Indian Premier League in India, it is now the time for us to concentrate on the FIFA World Cup which got underway from 14th June in Russia. Different people have a different way of expressing their excitement for the mega-event just like this UK man, Gus Hully from Cheltenham.

This crazy man has started his own beer World Cup by collecting beer from over 32 participating countries. While football buffs paint walls and murals in honour of their favourite players this man has shown us a completely different level of excitement by showcasing his love for beers.

Not only did he collect beers from predictable European nations such as Germany, Spain and France but also from unpredictable booze banned nations such as Iran and Saudi Arabia. He has also posted a picture of his very collection on Twitter and has revealed information stating his followers on his micro-blogging sites that how he made all of this possible.

Reports also suggest that this whole beer World Cup fever was possible only because of an effort of a group of people and cost him approximately Rs. 45000. The difficult-to-source-outside-Panama beer was brought in by the friend of Hully who was backpacking in the country. Some pictures of the very same have also been posted on various social media’s sites which can be seen below.

Though Hully’s friends and family thought that all of this was very foolish and totally a waste of money yet he continued his little craziness to celebrate the FIFA World Cup season. A report also stated that:

“The search for a tipple from Sadio Mane’s Senegal prompted him to get on the Eurostar and head to Paris to the neighbourhood known as Little Africa, while the need for Uruguayan lager took him to Barcelona, the adopted home of Luis Suarez to procure a bottle of Patricia.”

We do not know whether this mode of celebration chosen by Hully is correct or not but we are sure that this excitement and craziness for football is the one which will not fail to motivate other fans as well in the future.

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