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Improper medication by doctor kills 5 YO dog, caught running an illegal breeding center

Cruelty towards animals is not a new thing in this cruel world. Each and every day we come across many such incidents where animals are beaten up and killed just for entertainment. Also, people are doing business in the name of treatment and these poor souls are suffering.

Recently we came across a similar incident which we all need to pay attention to. It is quite shocking how a veterinary physician who is expected to give these suffering souls a new life is involved in such cruel acts. The story is about a 5-year-old dog named Kaira who stayed with her owners in lawyer’s colony Agra.


As reported by the owners, the dog was unwell for quite a few days and was under the treatment of a veterinary physician named Dr. Nehru and his team. Kaira was not properly treated by the doctor and had no clue of what had happened to the dog when her condition worsened as a result of which the poor soul had to face a cruel death. Not only Kaira, but many other dogs have lost their lives due to the negligence and cruelty of Dr. Nehru.

Also, the doctor’s house was witnessed as a filthy illegal breeding center. After inquiring a bit, it was found that the doctor had been using expired medicine without any proper prescription or any other documentation. Though Kaira fought bravely, her family members could not save her due to lack of proper treatment and expired medication.


The owners of the dog took to Facebook to share the heartbreaking chapter and their posts will surely melt your heart.

We all hope that Kaira rests in peace wherever she is but at the same time we want justice for her. We urge all of you reading this post to share this so that these murderers do not get away with their crime. So all the animal lovers out there, you do not want this to happen to any other animal, right? Please raise your voices against animal cruelty and let us unite against these inhuman personalities.

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