First time in 152 years! 2018 is set to get a blue moon eclipse on this day

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Lunar Eclipse
Lunar Eclipse

The whole concept of a huge universe and vastness of the sky is so surreal. To think of the wonders and the possibilities we don’t understand. Looking at the sky with stars and a moon never gets old, but what if there is more?  Something that makes you widen your horizons?  A lunar eclipse perhaps. It is so satisfactory to see such a phenomenon. To experience the beauty that the universe offers us.

On 31st January 2018, a total lunar eclipse will occur from 6 pm to 9:30 pm.

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Total lunar eclipses are completely safe to look at because the sun is below the horizon. Any sunlight that reaches the eclipsed moon has to pass over the Earth’s horizon, panting the moon with reddish light, this is why they have the nickname “blood moon” for eclipsed moons.

The full moon will also be a Blue Moon, the second full moon to occur within the calendar month. Eclipsed supermoons are not that rare but the total eclipse of a Blue Moon hasn’t occurred since March 31, 1866. It is ironical that the name suggests a blue coloured or tinted moon yet the moon will not look blue at all.

The moon will be cloaked by darkness for over 1 hour and 16 minutes.Blue Moon only occurs when the entire moon entire Earth’s shadow and only happens when a full moon, the Sun and the Earth are in a straight line. Also, it is imperative for the moon to be just a day past perigee, which makes it closest to the Earth and its orbit.

Here’s what you need to know about the timings in different places. In North America or the Hawaiian Islands, this lunar eclipse will be visible in the sky before sunrise on January 31st. But for the people living in Middle East, Asia, Indonesia, Australia, it will happen during the evening hours on January 31st itself.


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