Amazon soon to overtake Apple and become the largest company in the world

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Considering its sheer size, scope, and influence, Amazon is a record-breaking and trend-setting company. With continually soaring stock prices alongside innovative business products and models, Amazon is unique in almost every way imaginable — and I believe it only stands to become more groundbreaking and influential. Of course, there are many articles that offer predictions on how Amazon is going to shake up our lives. In this article, I want to move away from the obvious “Amazon is killing retail” and the “Amazon is killing jobs” diatribe because there is so much more to consider.

Currently the most valuable publicly listed company in the world, Apple holds a value of over $800 billion, according to Reuters. However, there’s another contender that’s showing all the signs it’s ready to push Apple aside in its race to the $1 trillion mark.

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Amazon’s stock has surged 83 percent over the past year, bolstered by scorchingly fast revenue growth as more shopping moves online and businesses shift their computing operations to the cloud, where Amazon Web Services leads the market.

In January, Amazon announced that it, Berkshire Hathaway Inc and JPMorgan Chase & Co would form a company to cut health care costs for their employees, which was widely seen as a threat to the existing U.S. healthcare system and underscored Amazon’s ability to disrupt markets.


To be sure, past stock gains are not not much of a reliable predictor of future performance, and the surge in Amazon shares in recent years has been exceptional by most standards.

But if Amazon’s stock were to keep growing on the trajectory seen over the past year, the company’s market capitalization would hit $1 trillion in late August.

Apple would supposedly reach $1 trillion around a week later if its stock price continued to rise at the same pace seen over the past year.

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