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Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos shares a gripping lesson he learnt from his Sri Lankan college friend

College life is one of the most precious times of our lives and there are numerous memories we make during those years. We also tend to make friends who help us out in the most difficult of times and we cannot thank them enough for those small acts.

World’s richest man, the CEO of Amazon, Jeff Bezos spoke about one of his good friend, who helped him solve his homework while speaking at The Economic Club Of Washington. According to Bezos, the guy named Yasantha was a Sri Lankan and also the smartest at Princeton University at that time.

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Bezos was stuck with a partial differential equation for a long time and even his roommate Joe, who was quite brilliant in maths could not solve it. They were on the problem for three hours but could not find an answer to it. Unable to reach a conclusion, they went to Yosantha’s room looking for a solution.

Ysantha stared at the problem for a while and said “cosine” which was the answer to that problem. Bezos and his friend were puzzled and Yasantha showed them why “cosine” was the answer. He wrote three pages of detailed algebra and in the end, everything crossed out and all they were left with was “cosine”.

Jeff Bezos
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Stunned by Yasantha’s pace, Bezos asked him if he did that whole problem in his head. The Sri Lankan said that three years ago he solved a similar problem and he could match it with this one and that’s how he got the answer “cosine”! And that was the time when Bezos realized that he was never going to be a great theoretical physicist!

Watch the video here:

And quite surprisingly Yasantha took notice of the video and expressed his joy.

So we come to the conclusion that if Yosantha did not help Bezos that day, Amazon wouldn’t have existed today! Woah!

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