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Death penalty “too cruel” a punishment for raping a child, feels the government

The Centre told the Supreme Court on Thursday that it was not in favour of amending laws to provide for death penalty to those found guilty of sexual assaults on infants and children.

This is the indication of humanity coming to an end. Instead of focusing on the real issue ‘rape’, they’re focusing on the rapist’s life. A child who is unknown to the cruelties of this world getting to know the worst ‘rape’ isn’t a joke.  The government gives speeches on peace and how justice should be served but their actions go against their words.

Raping has been increasing over the years and it is somehow taken lightly. It has just become a news in the newspaper everyday or a reason for people to say ‘This world is cruel’ but when it comes to justice, it is never served.  People turn their faces, don’t talk about this, when something like this happens in the family, elders say ‘Stay quiet, you’ll forget’ but the scars never go away, they rot you inside and become a part of you.

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The victims never asks for this, you might say they are provocative and did not try to defend themselves but what about children and elders? Rapists were seduced by a 5 year girl wearing a dress?  Or because that little girl gave signs to things she never knew existed?

Narasimha said the Protection of Children from Sexual Offences Act provided graded stringent punishment for sexual assault of children — a minimum 10-year term and maximum life imprisonment for raping a child while the punishment for a minor’s gang rape ranged between a 20-year term and life imprisonment.

Death isn’t something that is taken lightly, agreed but rape?  What about that innocent child and her life?  Isn’t life for life fair? 10 years or 20 years won’t erase her memories or the trauma she ill have to go through.

This is another way of encouraging rape culture and the government is inviting trouble in this country by giving a ‘Severe crime’ a ‘not so appropriate punishment’

‘Ignorance is bliss’ and it is going to drown the whole country as well as destroy the lives of children and women living here.




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