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YUP CARD – The magic card which is a gateway to all your happiness

We all live in a world which has got extraordinary things to offer and all of us have never ending desires. People are different and their tastes may vary but one thing which is constant is the love for clothes and food. We are all inclined towards branded clothes which defines our style quotient and good food which satisfies our tastes buds. Apart from these two major wants in our life we also do our best to present ourselves to the world the way we want.

We tend to spend a lot of time on ourselves trying to look the way we want to which would make us stand out in the crowd. But I bet we all have come across the moment when a mere amount of 100-200 INR has kept us away from fulfilling our greatest desires. The disappointment of not being able to get what you want is unparalleled especially when you miss it by an inch.

But do not worry folks, we are here with the solution to all these heartbreaks which is sure to bring a smile on your face. We introduce to you the YUP Card which gives you the license to get your most wanted things at a discounted and affordable rate. The card comes with incredible offers on different clothing brands, food from top restaurants, health and beauty and many more.

If you are wondering how to own a YUP Card, let me tell you it is not at all tough. You just need to visit the official website of YUP Card and click on ‘how to get a YUP Card’ tab where you need to complete few steps which are as easy as it gets. As of now the card is available for the college students of Delhi NCR and Kolkata which helps them avail the remarkable offers in their respective cities.

If you think that’s all they offer, you are mistaken. The brand is coming up with an exciting event which aims to engage the college students in various games and activities and have a gala time together. The event which is scheduled to be held at the Techno India University, Salt Lake, has been named ‘MADBUCKS’ and there are lot of exciting goodies and vouchers up for grabs including a YUP CARD!

Open your notebooks and note the date – 25th and 26th October. Be there to be a part of the carnival.

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