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South City Mall is finally reopening and we couldn’t be happier

South City Mall
South City Mall

South City Mall which was shut for renovation and is now reopening on December 22 is a news that we were all waiting to hear. A lot of you might question this news looking at the work going on but The Times Of India has claimed that the mall will reopen on 22nd but the food court area will open on 16th of January, which is the date of the mall’s 10th anniversary.

It was a shock for all of us when we heard that the mall was closed for repair due to fire hazard but to our suprise came the four month renovation plan which seemed to be too long to wait for.  Though it was closed more than the promised time, it will be worth it.

Many if us have complained about Starbucks not opening in Kolkata, going out of town always meant a cup of starbucks coffee and cursing our city for not having it. Well, now our prayers have been answered and Starbucks is on it’s way here, right at South City Mall.

And as per shopping, us girls couldn’t be happier. We are getting Sephora, a French cosmetic chain, Forever 21 store on the second floor and many other brands for us and it’s safe to say, we’re never leaving the mall.

The south city Mall VP and COO Manmohan Bagri quoted “We were set to reopen before Christmas when unseasonal showers led to seepage. We are trying to rectify the damage to meet January 16 deadline”.

It is not just amazing shops, the frappes and varieties of coffees from Starbucks which will make South City Mall the best ever. It’s interior and decor is beyond imagination, it is a mixture of modern, style and lights just enough to make us feel royal and special.

Bagri said “We are in the final steps of negotiation with some labels and will be able to confirm the final store lineup in a couple of days”.

The food court and the movie theatre will open after April if not on 16th January. Just when we were losing hope on South city, it regained our attention meeting more than just our expectations.

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