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Pakistan as never seen before! These pictures will leave you spellbound

Pakistan. (Source: Instagram)

When we hear the word ‘Pakistan’, the first things that comes in our mind is terror. We have often related the nation to bombing and terror attacks which has stopped us to think beyond that. But just like India, Pakistan too has a wonderful side to it which many of us are unaware of.

But it is a lesser known fact that just like our own country, Pakistan too is filled with rivers, lakes, mountains which are a treat to the eyes. When we think of touring a place, we always think of places like Singapore, Malaysia, Australia, Italy and many more. But have we ever thought of touring a place that we relate to terror? The answer is ‘NO’. We have not and probably we never will but behind the curtains of terror there is a eyegasmic nation which has much more to offer to us.

But there is an Instagram account which is silently doing the needful and presenting before us the best of Pakistan. The account named Travel Beautiful Pakistan is doing wonders and capturing the best landscapes and sights that the nation has which is quite a thing to be proud of. The pictures in the account are really worth a watch and the photography is to be lauded.

They are trying to put forward the side of Pakistan which will help us see the nation from a different angle and change our stereotyped notion about the same. It also holds up their culture and architecture and trust me Pakistan has some outstanding landscapes and buildings to admire. Here at What’s The Hype we bring you some of the pictures from Travel Beautiful Pakistan which you seriously need to have a look at. We are pretty sure that this small effort from us will make your day.

Beauty at it's best
Beauty at it’s best. (Source: Instagram)
Every art has a story
Every art has a story. (Source: Instagram)
What a capture!
What a capture! (Source: Instagram)
Serenity. (Source: Instagram)

Eyegasmic. (Source: Instagram)
Mystery. (Source: Instagram)
God's gift
God’s gift. (Source: Instagram)

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